In religious terms, the cathedral is the place nestling the cathedra, the bishop's seat. From the moment of the nomination under the Pope's accordance, the church aquires an important place among the diocese, from a symbolic and an urbanistic point of view.

The New Cathedrals is a series of pictures made at night with a four by five inches large format camera of buildings, products of the recent industry.

In a similar operation to the cathedra, the New Cathedrals has both architectural and symbolic leading caracters: their monumentality.

The light irradiates from the outside, as the New Cathedrals works on an inverse mode as their religious counterparts, for which light is funnelled to irradiate towards and in the inside.

Night makes it much more evident. Streetlighting, sometimes specifically orientated toward the building, is enough to create an effect of revelation, figuratively and literally speaking.

A quarter hour to a full hour are required for the light to expose the photosensitive surface.

When I face those constructions, an inevitable mystical feeling fills me.