La Recherche de l'Art

The project started upon a proposition of partnership between the National School of Photography and the National Health Institute and Medical Research. It was about observing the close link between art and science through the photographic way.

I was there fascinated by the undertaking of the researcher and the energy used and concentrated at that particular point, geographically ; but also on a microscopic level : precisely because of all the collected and analysed samples, how researchers bring work out, always in order to account for.

But the more they try to adapt the machines to their own work the more it seems to set itslef free, becoming somehow autonomous.

In the image/machine affinity, one wonders who search what and where the research is, the necessity of understanding.

The operated shift makes the science-image an object of wonder, in its on process and also in what is really produced.

Together with Claire Cocano and Nicola Noemi-Coppola

INSERM press article

La Recherche de l'Art, text from Denis Canguilhem (french)

My thanks to the Marseille-Luminy INMED lab, the INSERM institution and all the researchers for their kindness and collaboration.