blackout is a polysemic word: it names all together an electric blackout (a sudden loss of power), a blackout made as part of a military intervention, a radio blackout, a disruption of the radiocommunications. It is also the moment before the beginning of a theater piece when all the stage lights are turned off.

But it is also a physical trouble: the blackout is a period of total memory loss, together with a temporary loss of consciousness or of sight caused by a violent choc, drug consumption.

The pictures at stake in this project are made with a camera of a cellphone in nightclubs, party places. As a really simple way of taking photographs, it is also a mean to get closer, physically and mentally, of what's going on.

Due to the asynchronous nature of the electronics, a line appears and breaks the picture. There is the public, there is the scene and there is what is in between.

BLACKOUT presents several ways to see and discover the images in a blurred context.

I : neon light, print on the floor

II : stroboscope, prints on the wall

III : rotating mirror ball, video projectors